Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2D Class Week 08 Artist Discovery - Lion Team

This week marked the first week of a new series of projects. We were broken into teams of 4 teams of around 6 students each and given a character from the classic The Wizard of Oz to gather reference and concept for. The project is taking another perspective on the aesthetic style of the film with great inspiration from Tim Burton's line of work. I was selected for the Lion team, which was actually the time I was hoping to be on. Over this week, I pinned 37 references images on Pinterest to the array of boards pertaining to our group. I mostly concentrated on Environment, Lighting, and Shape language, as I will be focusing on re-imagining the forest environment in which the Lion is found in the story.

Paul Salas - Team Lead
Yunhao Huo - Character
Noel Graham - Character
Kendall Robertson - Animation
Matt Young - Environment
Lindsay Green - Environment

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