Monday, April 24, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 13 Environment Project - Week 4

This week I've returned to my gas station environment project that I had put on hold for my art test. I spent my time texturing several different props, such as the wall AC unit, trash can, side walk pieces, and the bumpy rubber sidewalk mat. I also increased the filth on my Ice Cooler. There's a lot to be done still, but I'm pleased with how it's turning out. The biggest thing holding me back now is my lighting.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 12: Personal Project Part 2

Here is my final submission for my art test with Hi-Rez Studios. The total project took me 65 hours to complete over the span of 12 days. It was a fantastic experience and regardless of the outcome, I am grateful to have been able to take the test. I'm proud of the work I've done and am hoping for the best. The final tri count was 12,836 and the texture resolution is 1024.

All Concepts Provided By Hi-Rez Studios For Art Test


My Work:

Final Renders from Marmoset 2:

Monday, April 10, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 11: Personal Project Part 1

This week I finished my Hi-Rez art test. Altogether it took me 65 hours to complete. Towards the end I ran into some seam issues, but I was able to find a work around. This was an extremely rewarding project to work on and I'm very thankful to Hi-Rez for the oppotunity, regardless of what comes of it. My final tri count was 12,793.

All Concepts And Reference Provided And Owned By Hi-Rez Studios

Thursday, April 6, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 11: Personal Project Intro

For our final project of Spring semester we are doing a personal piece of our choosing. Nick was gracious enough to allow me to use my Hi-Rez art test as my personal project, which I started last week. For the test I was given the concept of a lantern (shown below) and was given 12 days to complete it. Today (Thursday) marks day 7 of 12. These constraints make my situation for this project a bit unusual as I'll be finishing the entire piece by the first turn-in of this personal project. I will be spending week 2 of the assignment finishing my environment from last project because Nick allowed me to postpone it to start the test. For the third and fourth week, it depends on what Nick allows, but I'm thinking either I'll spend the time working further on my environment or creating a small environment around my art test lantern.

All Concepts And Reference Provided And Owned By Hi-Rez Studios
My own work is only the Maya and Zbrush screenshots at the bottom of this post.



Progress Shots:

Monday, April 3, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 09 Environment Project - Week 3ish

This week was an unusual week for my assignments. I received an art test and Nick allowed me to postpone the progress of my current environment assignment until after the test, making the result of that my next personal project. However, before starting the test I did manage to texture my dumpster and ice box. Here the are:

Current progress on the art test: 13 hours in...

Monday, March 27, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 09 Environment Project - Week 2

This week we were assigned to make hi poly meshes and bake out normal maps for all of our assets within our scene. This was a LOT of work because I created a ton of assets for my scene. I spent the first 3 hours touching up my scene with a trim around my walls, door frames, supports for the walls, and rearranging some assets. Then I spent 8 hours on my phone booth being that it's my hero prop. In total I spent 18 hours on this assignment this week.

Monday, March 20, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 09 Environment Project - Week 1

This week we started making small environments which we'll be viewing in VR. My environment started from an old idea I had called Collect Killer, making a pun off of the phrase collect call. It was originally just a pay phone with a bullet hole through one side of glass with blood misted over the rest of the booth with the phone hanging by the cord. It has now evolved to be the shady side of an old gas station that houses the crime scene. This week we were to block out our scene and add low level modeling detail. It took me around 10 hours.