Monday, December 5, 2016

3D Class Week 15 Creating An Environment Part 03 (Skydomes)

This week's assignment was a bit more Tech Arty than usual for 3D class. That not a bad thing, though, as I love getting my hands dirty in the material editor and I certainly need to learn more about Blueprints. We were asked to make our own sky dome with the ability to change the colors, ability to change cloud colors, separately rotating clouds, distorted clouds, and a custom sun or moon. With a bit of research and guidance from a capable roommate, I was able to make a skydome that not only had those things, but displayed them through a looping day/night cycle. For viewing purposes I've sped up the cycle to be around 30 seconds for what would be a 24 hour cycle.

I also went back this week to improve my environment terrain and rocks. I sculpted a new tileable texture which I brought into Substance painter and gave the same treatment as I did to my rocks, giving me the ability to better blend my rock assets into my terrain.

This assignment took me around 20 hours to tweak my rock textures and create my sky dome.

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