Monday, November 21, 2016

3D Class Week 13 Creating An Environment Part 01

Alas we have finally arrived at environment art, something I have been waiting for, for quite a while. Our assignment this week was to sculpt 2 different tileable textures in Zbrush, decimate and bring the geometry to Maya for fixing, finish texturing in Substance Painter, and then finally set up in UE4 to display tiling. I decided to double dip a bit and make another iteration of the Yellow Brick Road for our 2D assignment as one of my textures, and then I decided to make a dirt floor with scattered leaves for my other texture. I acknowledge that the bricks are a stronger texture, as I knew I was going to make them from the start. The leaves were a texture that I happened upon just by seeing an image and trying to make a texture to replicate what I saw. I also didn't notice that we had to take the texture from start to finish with unique geometry this week until part way through today (Monday) and had to put off my planned work until tomorrow in order to finish this. It's entirely my fault, but being that I had expected these textures to only be made for flat planes when I sculpted them, the leaf texture came out very flat. The bricks fortunately were more defined in their height, but the leaves suffered from this mistake and I didn't have time to correct it. Overall, I spent around 11 hours on this assignment.

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