Monday, November 7, 2016

3D Class Week 11 Creating A Medium Complexity Character Part 02 Sculpting

This week's assignment was to take our low poly starfish and prop meshes from last week and sculpt them in zBrush. Along with sculpting out the starfish and props, we learned how to create our own custom brushes from sculpts on a flat plane. These brushes can then be applied to other sculpts. For my custom brushes, I made the suction cups on the starfish's back and the barnacle on his face. I sculpted the pipe and sword to resemble seashells to fit the theme of my pirate starfish. We also learned how to add eyes to our sculpt in two different ways; from meshes in Maya and from spheres in zBrush.

This assignment took me 8 hours.

1 comment:

  1. Nice use of large, medium and small forms. Medium level details need more depth into the surface. Can push even more details in the small forms area. Work on resolving your eye shapes.(Outer corner of the eyes.)