Monday, October 10, 2016

Assignment 7 - Personality Walk

We received an extension on our study of walk cycles for this week. The initial plan was to move to jumps, but Jonathan decided to push it off a week and let us spend our time doing one final polish run on our walk cycle and then, if we wanted to push ourselves, do another personality walk cycle. My polish isn't too much different than the previous walk cycles, so I won't clog up this post with it, but what I do want to share is my personality walk. My first walk cycle had a bit of spunk to it already, so I wanted to push this personality walk cycle to be something more than an eccentric, symmetrical walk. What I decided to do was a limping walk of someone who badly injured their leg. It was fun and gave a bit more challenge than a normal walk cycle. I also decided to provide a frame of reference with the moving ground, as the walk cycle didn't convey well without a frame of reference.

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