Thursday, April 6, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 11: Personal Project Intro

For our final project of Spring semester we are doing a personal piece of our choosing. Nick was gracious enough to allow me to use my Hi-Rez art test as my personal project, which I started last week. For the test I was given the concept of a lantern (shown below) and was given 12 days to complete it. Today (Thursday) marks day 7 of 12. These constraints make my situation for this project a bit unusual as I'll be finishing the entire piece by the first turn-in of this personal project. I will be spending week 2 of the assignment finishing my environment from last project because Nick allowed me to postpone it to start the test. For the third and fourth week, it depends on what Nick allows, but I'm thinking either I'll spend the time working further on my environment or creating a small environment around my art test lantern.

All Concepts And Reference Provided And Owned By Hi-Rez Studios
My own work is only the Maya and Zbrush screenshots at the bottom of this post.



Progress Shots:

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