Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 03 Lego Project Part 01

 This week for 3D, we were allowed to select a Lego brick (or three) from a couple sets of Legos which we wanted to build. We then had to, in groups of three, use the library of bricks that the class built to create some object or scene. I wanted to make something relatively challenging and also something that I felt a lot of people could benefit from having in their library. I didn't initially intent on making the 4x4 axle, the hub, and the tire at first, but after getting Nick's approval, he recommended doing all three since they would need to fit together and there weren't exact measurements for the hub and tire that I could easily follow. The axle would also be relatively useless without the entire wheel setup. The axle was a lot of fun to make. The hub and tire were pretty easy in comparison. Several days into the assignment, I looked for feedback from Nick on the axle and he noticed there was z-fighting between the inside caps of the horizontal cylinders where they sit flush with the base. He said that if I were to make the piece properly, I would need to make it all out of one piece, but it wasn't necessary. Seeing as this set the tone of me as a student who rises to the challenge or one who takes the easy road, I knew I had to make it all on piece and keep my geometry clean. It actually wasn't that hard to complete and only took another 45 minutes or so. The hardest part was re beveling the outside edges afterwards. After completing our pieces, Hez, Will, and I (our team of three) decided to make a Lego scene reminiscent of the game Fallout 4, where players can set up their own garage. Will made the garage itself, Hez mad a broken down truck, and I made a hot rod with its hood up to place in the garage. In the end, my part of the project took me about 9 hours. About the first 5 were modeling and everything thereafter was building the car and working with Hez on merging our levels.

Group: Matt Young, Hez Olopade, Will Perez-Valines

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  1. Great job on your models and the presentation of them. Group project turned out really nice as well.