Thursday, September 1, 2016

3D Week 02 (Minecraft-ish Level)

 This week we were tasked with creating an array of Minecraft-ish textures to go with a beveled cube. We then had the opportunity to import the textures and mesh into Unreal Engine to set up a variety of materials and create a level of our own design. I decided to make an underground temple with a glowing crystal centerpiece. The crystal's emissive quality pulses and casts its pink hue to the far reaching walls of the cavern. The walls are brick with four large pillars holding up the ground above. There is a cave-in from the ceiling and rock formations protruding through some of the brickwork. I also added a light volume of fog by the ground.This was a fun exercise and brought me closer to the environment modeling I want to do in the future and gave me some lighting practice.

In total, I spent just under 6 hours on this project. 1 hour watching the videos, 30 minutes making the cube, 45 minutes making the textures, and about 3.5 hours assembling the scene.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the space you have made, I wish that top grass brick would match color wise a bit closer to everything else you have made!